baseball, bandanas and beer

I went to the Red Sox vs. Yankees game this Saturday at Fenway, and even though they managed to blow a NINE-run lead (lock it up, Sox!), it was a great day. And let’s be honest, I was there to soak up the sun and drink beer, not watch baseball.

Throughout the day, my bandana served as an alarmingly accurate indicator of how many beers I’d had. It started as a cute headband, and around the fifth inning transformed into a karate-kid-esque forehead sash.

No Red Sox game is complete without a Fenway Frank. This is what a healthy, balanced baseball diet looks like:

When I say “balanced,” I’m referring to the fact that I got two beers instead of one so that my tray wouldn’t topple over. And this is what a glorious Fenway Frank looks like on Instagram (you can follow me @nicoleperr):

{shirt: Lucy’s League}
{shorts: Z. Cavaricci via b*tru boutique}
{sandals: Steve Madden}
{bag: Longchamp}


bruins game outfit


The NHL playoffs have started, and in honor of the Bruins’ first game tonight, I give you the outfit I wore to a Bruins game earlier this season. Ironically, like the game tonight, it was against the Caps. Come to think of it, we lost that game and I’m probably jinxing the team by posting this…oh well.

I like to wear heels to indoor sporting events like hockey and basketball because I’m awesome. And by “awesome” I mean “unpractical.” One time when I wore heels to watch the Bruins, I was leaving the TD Garden after the game (with a beer or two or twelve in me) and oh-so-elegantly fell down an entire flight of stairs in front of thousands of people. It wasn’t embarrassing at all.

But I just can’t help myself—I love heels. I dressed them down with awesome zip-leather leggings (I use the term “leather” here loosely) and a hoodie so that I didn’t look totally overdressed for the hockey game.



{shirt: Lucy’s League}
{hoodie: Urban Outfitters}
{leggings: Nasty Gal}
{shoes: Jessica Simpson via ebay}
{jacket: Jack via LIT boutique}

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