state beach (winter) running route

I was back home on Martha’s Vineyard visiting my family over Presidents’ Day weekend, and went on a great run along State Beach one morning. The bike path and road are set between the beach and Sengekontacket Pond, making it a gorgeous strip of land.

State Beach is certainly not the best beach on the Vineyard—not by a long shot—but it will always be near and dear to my heart because it’s where we always went as kids growing up. It’s close to my parents’ house, there are bridges to jump off, a frozen lemonade stand—it was awesome as a little kid. But if you compare the sand quality, views and summer crowdedness to other Vineyard beaches…State is not that sweet.

Anyway, it’s a great place to run in the winter because there is virtually no one on the bike path and hardly even any cars on the road. The only downside to running along the water is that I stopped approximately 18 times to take scenic pictures, totally undermining the whole “workout” thing. Whatever.

State Beach (Winter) Running Route Distance: 4 miles

And a lovely picture, compliments of Google Earth (running route in yellow):

After my run, I took some pictures from the jetty by First Bridge and from my dad’s truck. When I’m home, I usually have to drive his diesel, monstrous F350, complete with FOX Racing decals and camouflage seat covers. It just screams “feminine.” It also screams “dangerous” because I handle it with the same finesse as a toddler driving a school bus. Anyway, enjoy some pictures of my childhood beach!

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