red (soles), white & blue

I’m officially in 4th of July mode from here until Wednesday, and that means red, white and blue everything on the blog.

I thought it’d be fitting to kick off my mini Independence Day week with a work outfit because this year, America’s beloved holiday falls on a Wednesday. A freaking Wednesday. For nine-to-fivers like myself, this is the most inconvenient placement ever for a day dedicated to drinking Budweiser in American flag cans on the beach. No complaining, though—the Fourth of July is still the Fourth of July, and it will be magical as always.

Usually when I post outfits, I keep my face in at least one of the pictures, but there was a major problem with this one…my hair. When it comes to styling my hair, I might as well have toes for fingers because I’m that useless. Don’t believe me? I tried to do a sock bun after seeing it 40 million times on Pinterest and TWO hours later…it still looked like I had a stupid hairy sock sitting on my head.

Sometimes I play around with the straightener or curling iron, but most days I just let my hair do what it wants and hope for the best. “The best” didn’t happen today. That being said, anyone want to follow me around through life doing my hair? Ken Paves? Please help a sister out.

{top: Ralph Lauren via Second Time Around}
{skirt: Zara}
{shoes: Christian Louboutin via Buffalo Exchange}
{bag: Longchamp}


old lady meets teeny-bopper

What an exciting day! My medicine ball workout was Freshly Pressed yesterday and it’s been so fun reading everyone’s comments. I know this 15 minutes of blogger fame will be fleeting so I wasted no time going to a bar after work to get a couple beers. Now all I have to do is have a paparazzi snap an up-skirt pic, get some plastic surgery, develop a gluten allergy, and be rumored to be dating Chace Crawford and I will have reached true celebrity status.

Alright, jokes and daydreams aside, let’s move on to today’s outfit…

When I showed my dad this bag his exact words were “it looks like it belongs to a blue hair down in Florida.” A “blue hair” referring to an old retired person. Well, he kinda has a point. This bag is super old lady-ish, but I figure I need some elderly items to balance out the Abercrombie and PacSun lingering in my closet.

And speaking of tween-favorite Abercrombie…there is definitely an embroidered moose logo on these white jeans. WHY AM I SO EMBARASSING?!

In my defense, I haven’t actually been in an Abercrombie & Fitch store since I graduated high school. I bought these capris when I was 16, and hey, if I can still fit in pants I wore at age 16, I must be doing something right. So I’ll wear my high school A&F denim with pride.

{top: eight sixty via Second Time Around}
{jacket: Forever 21}
{jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch}
{shoes: Aldo}
{watch: Michele}
{bag: Aldo}

monday blues

The past few weeks I have been slacking in the blogging department. Sometimes I find that I’m too busy living my life to blog about it—which is a good thing—but also disappointing. From here on out, I’m LOCKING. IT. UP. Posts Monday through Friday. I pinkie promise.

Monday is universally accepted as the worst day of the week, but sometimes I wonder why it gets such a bad rap. Yes, if I’ve been on a fun weekend trip or the weather is gorgeous, it’s depressing to return to the ol’ 9-5 knowing I have an entire week in the office ahead of me. But other weeks, Monday is like an amazing refuge from beer, unhealthy food and sleep deprivation. It’s a breath of fresh air and a return to a healthy—and perhaps a bit “lame”—lifestyle. Being able to go to bed at 9PM without the fear of missing out on fun times is a glorious gift that only Monday can give.

After a gorgeous, sunny weekend on the Vineyard, it’s safe to say I have a definite case of the Monday blues. And as you can probably tell by my bag and skirt, Monday blues come in all shades.

(Whistling? Squatting? The above pic is all sorts of awkward, but I shamelessly think my hair looks phenomenal in it so…it stays!)

This week, my Monday blues are eased by a rainy forecast. I’ll sit at my desk all day with a smile on my face if it’s rainy out. If it’s a sunny summer day though…hives. I literally break out in anxiety-induced hives.

Hope you all have a great day—but as for you, Monday: You, my friend, can kiss my…

{sweater: Banana Republic}
{top: Arden B}
{skirt: Forever 21}
{bag: Coach}
{pumps: Steve Madden}
{watch: Michele}

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