beetlejuice, beetlejuice…

Black and white striped shirt with green shorts…I unintentionally dressed up like Beetlejuice for today’s outfit.

I wore this out to dinner on the Waterfront (although maybe I should have worn it to a haunted house?) and already sense an outfit repeat coming on in the near future. The shorts look insanely short in a couple of the pictures, but I swear they are in fact public-appropriate.

I’m keeping this post very light on the text because it’s Monday and my brain hurts. The end.

 {blouse: Urban Outfitters}
{shorts: Double Zero}
{necklace: H&M}
{shoes: Aldo}


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sheer & sleeveless

It’s stressing me the hell out that stores are already having end-of-season sales and sending out e-mails with fall collection previews. This happens every year: it’s the Fourth of July, I blink my eyes, and then summer is over. We get it, Summer, you’re really fast—but no one likes a show off. Slow down with the rest of us. Please.

Because summer is nowhere near over in my book, today’s outfit is as seasonal as it gets. White strappy sandals, a sheer, sleeveless blouse and white dress shorts.

I would wear sheer tops every day if I could (but I work in an office and that would be…weird), and when I spotted this blouse at Buffalo Exchange, it wasn’t even a question whether or not I would buy it.

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend—and don’t you dare start shopping for fall clothing.

{top: my story via Buffalo Exchange}
{shorts: Arden B}
{shoes: Aldo}
{clutch: Aldo}


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diy splatter nail polish

Not gonna lie, this splatter manicure might kill a few brain cells. But it’s cute, so directly inhaling nail polish fumes through a straw is worth it…right? (Nail polish is the new bath salts. You heard it here first.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Nail polish (at least two colors): I used Back to the Fuchsia by Sally Hansen, Sorbet by Sally Hansen and Flirt by Revlon
  • A straw (I found that a thin coffee straw worked best)
  • Scrap paper or newspaper (to catch the excess splatter)
  • Masking tape
  • Top coat nail polish

First, paint your nails whatever base color you choose. Let them completely dry.

Next, mummify your fingers with the masking tape. Think of it like a bib—you want everything covered except for the nail itself. This will make cleanup a lot easier.

Dip the end of the straw in the nail polish, aim it at your fingernails, and blow through the other end, splattering the polish across your nails. This is where the brain damage occurs. I found the most effective technique was to inhale a little through the straw before exhaling. For some reason, this made for a much easier splattering effect.

Repeat with your second color (if you choose to do another color).

Carefully unwrap the tape from around your nails once the splattered coat has had some time to dry. Touch up any spots with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. Cover with a top coat of clear polish and you have some fabulous splatter nail polish to show off!

P.S. Definitely kidding about the bath salts. And you know you’re getting old when you feel the need to make it clear you were joking because it legitimately worries you that some idiot kid out there might try to get high off nail polish because of something you said. Damnit, I’m no fun anymore.


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