what you’ve missed…

If you’re a WordPress user and following this blog via your reader, you probably aren’t getting pumps & iron updates when new posts are published. Because I’ve moved to a self-hosted WordPress site, my blog doesn’t show up in your Reader. And this is sad because you’ve missed a lot!

What follows is a summary of what’s been on the blog since I last showed up in your Reader, but I suggest you subscribe via e-mail, follow pumps & iron on Twitter or Bloglovin’, or like the blog on Facebook so you don’t miss any workouts, diy projects, delicious recipes or outfits.

Click the title or image to go to the full post…

seared scallop citrus salad with pecans and a white wine vinaigrette

diy braided chain bracelet

oblique-burner deck of cards workout

zucchini squash bites

button, belted & tied

week 2 of half marathon training & a running playlist

full-body pyramid workout


half marathon training week 3

cherry kale smoothie

half marathon training week 4

diy studded canvas sneakers

patterned pants




  1. thefoodandwinehedonist says:

    I think ive seen most of these in my reader. The scallops look amazing, kale smoothie not so much. Im not self hosted and my some of my posts- incl yesterday’s- aren’t showing up in reader. Can I virtually borrow one of the kettle balls to knock over WordPress’ virtual head?

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