mint & lace

I channeled my inner Barney for this outfit. The dinosaur, not the high-end department store. Mint is huge this season and these purple pumps are also huge…6” to be exact. It seemed like a perfect match.

I absolutely adore the city of Boston, but my one complaint is that not enough people wear heels. (I say “people” and not “girls” because if the Real Housewives of Atlanta taught me anything it’s that a man can WORK IT in a pair of stilettos). I don’t like the fact that I’m totally out of place most nights when I put on 5-6 inchers. Does it completely stop me? No. But it’s definitely the reason these bright, fun pumps don’t get worn more often.

What do you guys think of the mint trend? I’ve never had a ton of green in my closet, but I’m loving the shade.

(top: Blaque Label via LIT Boutique}
{pants: H&M}
{pumps: Steve Madden}
{necklace: H&M}
{green braided bracelet: learn how to make your own}


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  1. Love the colors…the lace is very pretty. I have yet to try the 5 inch heels tho lol. Seems like I’m most comfortable in 3 inchers. But….never know…

  2. fleurdelabeaute says:

    lovely outfit!

  3. Loretta Nguyen says:

    These colours look so good on you!

    your blog is awesome, keep up the great work, Loretta xx

  4. Annie Pannie says:

    To H&M I go. And I love te heels!

  5. i love mint, you look amazing! i live in the country and i think i’m the only one out here who wears heels! but whatevaa haters gonna hate and my shoes are sick! (and so are yours!)

  6. I would say in Minneaplolis it is very common for ladies and men to wear the heels. Especially at the Gay 90s. I just don’t because I am already almost 6 feet tall. I would love to but I often am mistaken for a man or tower over most people in the area. I really enjoy the mint trend and think this outfit is very summery and pretty.

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  8. Another thing about Boston is all the cobblestone and just bumpy in general streets. Those crevices are a nightmare for heels – but you’re not alone! Looking good!

  9. I love this! Totally on trend, and the blue pumps just make the outfit.

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