colored denim & ruffles

You know when you fall in love with an article of clothing, buy it without question on the spot, and then see it on sale for a million percent off the next month? It’s THE WORST. Not only does my bank account give me that “you’re a dumbass” look, but I take it as a personal insult that something I found to be perfectly amazing has been banished to the sale rack. I’m financially irresponsible and apparently have terrible taste. Wonderful.

Well this ruffle, low-back, wrap top from French Connection totally redeemed that sting of defeat I’ve felt all too often. I saw it in the store, fell in love with it, but somehow managed to resist its seduction. A month later, I was visiting friends in NYC and doing some shopping in SoHo and—BOOM!—saw it for 50% off in my size. I win! It’s that victorious feeling that has me fully addicted to eBay.

You can’t go wrong with colored denim this season, so I paired my prize with these yellow pants. Casual, bright, summery, fun and, most importantly, 50-freaking-percent off.

{top: French Connection}
{pants: Zara}
{sandals: Jack Rogers}
{bag: LF}



  1. I definitely feel insulted when something that I absolutely love goes on sale almost as soon as I’ve bought it!

  2. LOVE this outfit.

  3. super cute!!

  4. really cute outfit and you have such a cute bum lol =]

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