countdown workout with jump roping intervals

I really felt this one in my butt and obliques the next day, and I consider any workout that makes my butt or core sore a huge success. You’ll do decreasing rep rounds for this one, starting with 10 reps of each exercise and going down to 1 rep of each exercise in the last round. After each round, do 1 minute of jump roping.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Hindu Squats x2: A Hindu Squat can best be described as a fluid, deep squat in which you roll onto the balls of your feet as you come up. This is one squat variation where it’s okay for your knees to stick out farther than your toes, and they will when you’re at the deepest point of the squat. Keep feet shoulder-width apart and move your arms in a circular motion so that your fingertips brush the ground when you’re at your lowest. x2 = you’ll do 20 hindu squats in the first round, down to 2 in the last.
  • Medicine Ball Cross-Body Chop (both sides): Start by holding a medicine ball by your left foot, in a sort of side lunge position. Your left foot will remain firmly planted, and your right foot will pivot as you stand up and bring the medicine ball across your body (keeping arms straight) and reach it up to the right. Chop it back down diagonally across your body, bending into starting position.
  • Push Ups: You know the drill.
  • Side Plank Lifts (both sides): Start in a side plank position. Lower your hips towards the ground, and then lift upwards, crunching into an arch passed your original straight plank position. Continue lowering and raising.

On a complete side note, do any of you ever visit They’ve got some great workouts on the site and both girls are adorable, but WHAT THE HELL. Victoria’s Secret Angel hair during every workout tutorial? Really? Compared to them I look like some creepy substitute gym teacher doing my workouts. Time to start slowly stepping up my game here…

Happy Monday!



  1. Pretty sure some of us feel that way compared to YOU 😉

  2. The fact is ladies that we’re all beautiful. Let’s keep working together to stay happy and healthy.

  3. that workout was a killer! …and may i add i was actually hoping you would do your everyday makeup routine cause you always look flawless!:)

  4. I feel like a huge dork asking you this on your blog but do you combine these workouts with cardio on the same day? We need ALL the secrets to your bangin bod, Nicole!

    • haha I love you, Carla! On a typical day, I go for a run before work and then do one of these workouts during my lunch break. On the weekends…eh, not so much…but I try to at least fit one run or other workout in.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi! so totally not work out related but your tank top is cute! where’d you get it? 🙂

  6. meganwhitney says:

    Reblogged this on Meganwhitney's Blog.


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