red (soles), white & blue

I’m officially in 4th of July mode from here until Wednesday, and that means red, white and blue everything on the blog.

I thought it’d be fitting to kick off my mini Independence Day week with a work outfit because this year, America’s beloved holiday falls on a Wednesday. A freaking Wednesday. For nine-to-fivers like myself, this is the most inconvenient placement ever for a day dedicated to drinking Budweiser in American flag cans on the beach. No complaining, though—the Fourth of July is still the Fourth of July, and it will be magical as always.

Usually when I post outfits, I keep my face in at least one of the pictures, but there was a major problem with this one…my hair. When it comes to styling my hair, I might as well have toes for fingers because I’m that useless. Don’t believe me? I tried to do a sock bun after seeing it 40 million times on Pinterest and TWO hours later…it still looked like I had a stupid hairy sock sitting on my head.

Sometimes I play around with the straightener or curling iron, but most days I just let my hair do what it wants and hope for the best. “The best” didn’t happen today. That being said, anyone want to follow me around through life doing my hair? Ken Paves? Please help a sister out.

{top: Ralph Lauren via Second Time Around}
{skirt: Zara}
{shoes: Christian Louboutin via Buffalo Exchange}
{bag: Longchamp}



  1. Great outfit;LOVE the shoes!

  2. I love that top, especially paired with the necklace. Very classy and patriotic. Beautiful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lovely figure.

  4. Lovely figure.

  5. I love the outfit!

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