simple summer sundress

Today’s outfit is simple. Just a sundress, mary-jane pumps and a bag. No jewelry or fancy accessories. Heck, I didn’t even brush my hair. Growing up on an island where jeans without holes are considered formal attire (ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration), I certainly appreciate just throwing on a simple summer dress and walking out the door.

I’ve dressed up this casual cross-back floral number with Louboutins I scored brand-new for only $200 at the Buffalo Exchange in the East Village of NYC. It was a glorious day and remains one of my most triumphant consignment store finds, as there’s no way I could afford to own a pair of Loubs at retail cost.

{dress: Urban Outfitters}
{shoes: Christian Louboutin via Buffalo Exchange}
{bag: Longchamp}



  1. That dress is gorgeous, 🙂 was it this season, or a previous?

  2. $200 for those shoes! Awesome. I think you should brag about that every day.

  3. I love shoes, mary jane style shoe that is comfortable, beautiful. Suitable for all occasions. If you can wear it then that women would be absolutely magnificent. I love mary jane pump shoes. Confirm!

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