old lady meets teeny-bopper

What an exciting day! My medicine ball workout was Freshly Pressed yesterday and it’s been so fun reading everyone’s comments. I know this 15 minutes of blogger fame will be fleeting so I wasted no time going to a bar after work to get a couple beers. Now all I have to do is have a paparazzi snap an up-skirt pic, get some plastic surgery, develop a gluten allergy, and be rumored to be dating Chace Crawford and I will have reached true celebrity status.

Alright, jokes and daydreams aside, let’s move on to today’s outfit…

When I showed my dad this bag his exact words were “it looks like it belongs to a blue hair down in Florida.” A “blue hair” referring to an old retired person. Well, he kinda has a point. This bag is super old lady-ish, but I figure I need some elderly items to balance out the Abercrombie and PacSun lingering in my closet.

And speaking of tween-favorite Abercrombie…there is definitely an embroidered moose logo on these white jeans. WHY AM I SO EMBARASSING?!

In my defense, I haven’t actually been in an Abercrombie & Fitch store since I graduated high school. I bought these capris when I was 16, and hey, if I can still fit in pants I wore at age 16, I must be doing something right. So I’ll wear my high school A&F denim with pride.

{top: eight sixty via Second Time Around}
{jacket: Forever 21}
{jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch}
{shoes: Aldo}
{watch: Michele}
{bag: Aldo}



  1. Not only am I insanely jealous that you can fit into high school jeans still but I am also amazed that they’ve survived I seem to annihilate all denim I choose to love and wear so kudos for the double victory!

  2. I actually love that purse. I think it’s a pop of color & looks vintage which is awesome! Not old lady at all!

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