medicine ball interval workout

Slowly—very slowly—I am filling out my at-home workout equipment arsenal. If I had it my way, I’d already have a complete home gym, but $50+ for one stinkin’ kettle bell?? Fitness equipment is not cheap. And I am not rich.

The other day, however, I found this 6lb Bright Pink by ZoN medicine ball at Sports Authority for about $25. The purchase of Bright Pink products helps support prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer and, more importantly, the medicine ball was affordable. And pink. Sold!

For this particular interval workout, I wish I had a 10-lb medicine ball, but I guess that can be my next purchase. And before I describe the workout, check out this awesome camera timing fail:

Medicine Ball Interval Workout

Set an interval timer (download one as an app for free on your iPhone) for 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, and 30 rounds total. In other words, repeat the following sequence 5 times, doing each of the 6 moves for 50 seconds. Take a 10-second break in between each move. Remember to push yourself and do as many repetitions of each exercise in the 50-second interval as you can. This workout, like any, is only as hard as you make it.

  1. Medicine Ball Burpees: This is a regular burpee, only holding on to a medicine ball the whole time. Squat down, placing medicine ball on the ground in front of you, carefully jump back into a plank position, jump back up to squatting, then stand up and jump with your arms (and medicine ball) in the air.
  2. Sit ‘n Reach: Lay on back with arms stretched overhead, holding on to your medicine ball. Lift the medicine ball forward as you sit up, keeping arms straight, and lift it straight above your head as your body comes into upright sitting position. Lower medicine ball as you lay back down.
  3. Russian Twist: Sit with legs elevated, leaning slightly backwards, and twist from right to left, bringing medicine ball from one side of your body to the other. If you’re using a 6-lb ball like I was, make it challenging by leaning back a little farther than you normally would and really twisting as far as you can.
  4. Basketball Jump Squats: Squat down, bounce the ball off the ground, jump up (like you’re taking a jump shot, but not really) with arms overhead and land back in a squatting position.
  5. Medicine Ball Plank: A plank. On a medicine ball.
  6. Toe Tap Soccer Drill: A slight variation on high knees, tap one toe gingerly on top of the medicine ball then jump onto your other foot and do the same. If you find yourself kicking the ball all over the place, just do high knees, making sure your feet are coming up high enough to clear the top of the medicine ball.

Try it out and let me know what you think! Or, don’t try it out and just compliment me on my hilarious tank top. If you don’t think it’s funny, you should probably watch this video:

You can buy the awesome pink medicine ball online from Wal-Mart here.



  1. I must say you’re in a great shape! the exercises seem great as well. Gotta offer it to my wife, she’s looking for a nice system to tone up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had never even thought about using my medicine ball for interval training, thanks for the inspiration and direction! I’m looking forward to trying the Russian twist especially. Great photos BTW

  3. Good set you have on here! I have been getting into a lot of single leg excercises. They will kill you!

    Congragulations on being Freshly Pressed! Let the comment storm begin!

  4. This post kicks ass girl. I love your blog. Cheers to being Freshly Pressed! xoxo

  5. Nice One….
    Keep Posting such a nice articles…..

  6. Parabéns pelo post.
    Acho legal o uso da medice-ball, apesar de nunca ter feito uso dela.
    Bom, estou escrevendo em português pois I’m Brazilian and my english is not very good.

  7. Tara Woodruff ~ The Challenge says:

    WOHOOO!!! You will buld an amazing Home Gym, I see more abundance in your future!!

  8. GREAT workout info! Thanks for sharing. I never thought about using my medicine ball for a kettle bell workout. That’s an awesome idea.

    Also, I have a Denise Austen video where she does a kettle bell workout with a 5-pound weight, so that’s a good alternative too for some exercises. However, obviously, you couldn’t lean on it very easily in the plank position like you’re doing in the next to last photo/exercise, but otherwise, you get basically the same bang for your buck. If you wanna check out Denise’s DVD for a little variation, I bought it on Amazon at: I love the compound exercises where you’re working your abs, your shoulders and your glutes!

    Have a great day and congrats on getting freshly pressed!

    • First off, TenaciousBitch is one badass moniker–love it! 🙂 And thanks for sharing the video, I’m always looking for new ways to spice up my fitness routine!

      • Thanks! Glad you like my alter ego’s stage name, so to speak.

        You’re welcome. Some of Denise’s videos are kinda tame, in my opinion, because I don’t really feel like I’m working that hard. However, her Bootcamp videos totally rock.

        Have a good day…

  9. Great blog! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! These are some really good work out tips with the medicine ball…I actually did a couple of these this week at my chiropractor appointment, lol

  10. Nice work! You go! I use the medicine ball in my w/o, but not as religiously as I probably could. Thanks for a few more ways to incorporate it into my day. 🙂
    Congrats on the FP too!

    • Thanks! And super interesting post about hemp hearts on your blog–I think I’ve found the inspiration for my next recipe! 🙂

      • Thanks Nicole. Definitely let me know what you are making with hemp hearts. I’ll be watching your blog if you post it there.
        Take care!

  11. Great workout!

  12. safetyprevention says:

    Great work-out tips

  13. I’ve been considering a medicine ball. So bar I’m working out sans equipment but this looks like it could have value. Thanks for the tip.

    • My pleasure! I always enjoy a good sans-equipment workout–there’s definitely something empowering in knowing you don’t need anything to stay fit other than your own body!

  14. I have a home gym, I’m just very unsure of all the things to do with it…:/ My goal is to get in shape for next year though so I am making myself go in the workout room and do a little every day. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Reblogged this on Mashed Potato.

  16. Congrats on being “freshly pressed”. Excellent med-ball-exercise tips, especially for those who plan on beginning an exercise regiment. As someone already noted, you are in superb shape yourself, Hon. 🙂 (thumbs up!)

    On the negative side, buying “Pink” will do nothing to promote the cure for cancer. The Cancer Society raise funds __not for cure(s)_ but to support and maintain their fat salaries. And, that’s a fact!

    In short, Big Pharma and the Cancer Society ain’t interested in curing cancer __the Cancer Society would vanish and Big Pharma would incur loss of massive profits!

    • Thanks, Ron! And I must admit, I was initially attracted to the medicine ball because of the color (I’m a sucker for bright pink). Cancer support or not, I would I have bought it 🙂

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  18. Great blog! Its amazing all the exercise stuff you can do without a gym! I’m big into fitness myself, working out at the gym and running outside! I’ll have to try medicine ball exercises sometime though I don’t think I’ll be using pink lol!

  19. ShrapnelReg says:

    I always favor the Russian Twists. What my roommates and I used to do in college: take our heaviest books and use those instead! Being a bio major, I had some pretty big books.

  20. Your tank top definitely made my day!! Great workout, can’t wait to try it 🙂

  21. Look! You’re freshly pressed and just a few weeks ago you were bemoaning a recipe being freshly pressed that you were also doing! LOL. Congrats! Love the pink medicine ball, mines is blue but it can pack a whollop in the exercise department.

  22. I love this post. I love the travel pictures on your Blog site too. Very pretty shots. Thanks for sharing.
    You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

  23. Very cool blog you have here!

  24. Heather says:

    These exercises look challenging! I’ve already been using a medicine ball for Russian twists, but I’m anxious to try out more! On a side note, where did you get your tank? I absolutely love that video! So hilarious!

  25. Looks like a great workout at minimal cost. Thank you for sharing this Nicole. You might get more traffic if you created a website though. Its not as hard as it seems, the following link helped my a lot.

  26. Love the post!!! thanks… I think I might have to try this circuit.
    BTW sometimes places like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc have kettle bells for less than $50.

  27. great idea – ill give it a try

  28. mowanling says:

    Great, Nice ,love your blog.

  29. I’m feeling sore just reading your workout! Thanks for sharing, love the pink ball. I’ll have to try it with one of those kid’s balls in the cage for 3 dollars from the supermarket – then they’ll do it with me!

  30. I’m a big believer in interval training, especially HIIT.

    My only comment would be to offer caution with the straight leg-weight-bearing-full-sit-up. This movement recruits our psoas to pull our trunk up to vertical and therefore not actually using our abdominals as primary movers. This action pulls on our lumbar spine which can lead to complications. As far as the added overhead-weight, this will contribute to too much load on the rectus abdominus which could potentially cause a hernia.

    I just recently wrote a post about it. You can view it here:

    There are a lot of fitness exercises in vogue these days that can cause more harm than good. They look cool and they are tough, but important to know which exercises we will benefit from and which in the end are actually a waste of time.

    I hope this doesn’t come across as an obnoxious comment. You seem very enthusiastic and I only wish to offer you some helpful advice.

    • I appreciate the info! I’ve been dedicated to fitness for a long time and I put together my workouts based on exercises I’ve done in various classes throughout the years, but am certainly no professional, so I’m always looking for tips. Thanks so much for sharing!

  31. Thanks for this outstanding informative post

  32. You have such a great shape, I’m envious of you. Thanks for sharing your workout tips – very encouraging. 🙂

    colorado springs divorce lawyers

  33. Oh, this one is great! I have just begun trainning to burn some unwanted layers of “lets have a cake for lunch” 😉 this looks like a really effective help. Will try to do that. Is it any different if I do it with a basketball ball?

    • Haha I definitely know that routine–except for me, it’s usually “let’s have ice cream for every meal of the day.” The one problem with using a basketball is that it’s super lightweight. You could probably use it for the plank and burpee, but I would try to find something a little heavier for the other moves so you really get a good burn 🙂

      • Good point! haven’t thought of the weight difference. but since my arms are so weak and maybe it could work at the beginning? Just now started traning with some fitness girls and I do high energy work-outs with them without any extra weights at all but my hands still get shaky the next day… But I mean when they do high energy, its at a speed which is almost ridiculous and close to impossible to follow. If they were to do it in front of police, they would get a speeding ticket or something 😀
        Trying out yout excercises with a basketball ball tomorrow 🙂

      • Haha well fear not, you don’t have to move THAT fast during this workout 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

      • Actually a basketball ball worked out really well today. Got even the kids to do some excercises! That was great, thanks for sharing 🙂

      • That’s great! I’m so glad it worked out! (no pun intended haha)

  34. Good routine, but 50 seconds on 10 seconds off will be incredibly challenging for most people, if done properly. I’d suggest starting with 30 seconds on, 30 off (or less), and building up. Otherwise, a solid routine.

  35. very good article

  36. Great workout –thanks. The medicine ball is a fantastic tool.

  37. Great post – the pics are great and make me think I may actually be able to do this workout (maybe starting with 20 secs of rest between). First, I’ve gotta get a medicine ball – and it has to be pink!

  38. I’ve been looking for a good cross-training workout to train for a marathon. I’m going to try this out! thanks for posting

  39. Great work out info. Thanks for sharing!

    These work outs do wonders for toning. More so than they look 😀

  40. Wow with that body I must say you don’t need much exercise at all! Keep it pumpin’… 🙂

  41. It looks tough! To think about the pain someone like me (extremely out of shape) would experience within the first month of doing those exercises is haunting.


  42. paywindow7 says:

    Great blog, I’m now following. I certainly admire and encourage your personal workout mindset. I’ve been doing some variations of that most of my life and I can tell you from experience, doing challenging physical excercising routines will keep you vertical and active and, most important to me, independent later in your life. People think I’m a bit nuts but I’m still in the gym three times a week. I’m 72.

  43. I love that you went to celebrate freshly pressed with a beer! Great blog, can’t wait to see more and I’m following now on twitter too! Check out my blog talesofatallwoman and twitter I am sawcappy I think. Funny stuff and informational too! 🙂

  44. Love it! I’ve been looking for some strength/toning workouts to take the gym. Have to try this one next week!

  45. Awesome moves! Keep your post coming! Care to do an exchange with Active Red Kickboxing and Fitness, SIngapore? visit us at or

  46. thank you

  47. I LOVE this blog! Loving the workouts and literally in tears over Boys Will Be Girls. Congrats on Freshly Pressed! Channing (channingosity + hot bod brigade: a pop up blog)

  48. This is fantastic! Definitely on my to do list!

  49. I love HIIT workouts…by far the best for you to do..
    Please check out my post on HIIT vs endurance!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get thank tank top?? 🙂

  51. Seems like a good work out.
    Steven Wade, Edinburgh and Dundee

  52. I really enjoyed your blog!! Great layout along with great info. It’s totes yo.

  53. Looks like a great workout. You’ve inspired me. I’ll have to give it a try. And thanks to Freshly Pressed, I’ve discovered your blog, and am now a follower. Keep up the great posts!

  54. Love these pictures! Super easy to follow and I agree with you 100%. I’d love a gym in the house but it’s not happening. Love how you made a workout from something small and affordable. Great post!

  55. Great exercises! Try TJ Maxx or Ross for awesome fitness equipment at super low prices…. Will share your blog with my clients and followers!

  56. Hi, what a great article I’d love to connect and share this with my subscribers. NUTRITION REHAB-Is your food really food? via @wordpressdotcom

  57. Great tips, and you don’t need a lot of exercise equipment.

  58. When I turned 41 I got on the scale for the first time in years and saw that I weighed 199. This was a shocker to me, so I started eating right and I kept a medicine ball on my desk at work and every day did a series of medicine ball workouts when I needed a break. I have since lost 30 lbs (back to my weight and size in grad school in Boston). So the medicine ball can work, and frankly, its about creating a workout that you will stick to consistently (and eating right).
    If you have a minute, check out my blog (not about medicine balls).

  59. Great post!

  60. This looks great! We gave up our gym membership a while back and I am always looking for new at home work outs!

  61. Reblogged this on Make Something Every Day and commented:
    Chalk art festival!? C’mooon!

  62. tactlessgracewriting says:

    awesome, I’m so doing this when I go to the gym tomorrow. they have a great manual resistance area and I’ve been starting to research how to use everything. thanks lady!

  63. Great ways to incorporate the med ball with other exercises! Russian twists with a medball are one of my favorites as well–such a satisfying burn. PS, I love your hilarious tanktop. “I actually uh, digested a huge gust of wind on my way to work.” hahahaha, they kill me 😛

  64. I have never done any of these ball work outs… I am intrigued.

  65. CheyenneCharlie says:
  66. Your blog is so cute! You mix some of my favorite things… fitness and fashion! I love finding a new resource for at home workouts!

  67. Those are all really great at-home exercises. I used 5 of those exact exercises today with my clients. Keep up the good work!

  68. Great post. I will try this out for sure.

  69. thank you for this post. I’m looking for new ways to exercise and this seems very interesting and something I can definitively do!

  70. Anonymous says:

    I am fixing to be 51 years young, LOL, I did this workout this morning and loved it!! I did not have a medicine ball, so I used a small exercise ball. This is really a good workout!! I try to run several times a week, but this will definitely help tone me without bulking me up!! Thanks for this awesome circuit training routine!!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Sounds like you’ve got a great fitness routine down–keep it up and you’ll be rocking all the way to 101 years young 🙂

  71. I am so glad I found your blog!!! I have heard a lot about using medicine balls for training, but I had no idea you could do so many different activities with them! I am looking to get in the best shape of my life this summer, so this will be a lot of help! Thanks for a wonderful post!!

    • I’m so glad you found this post helpful! I love your enthusiasm and motivation–let me know how it goes if you give this workout a try! 🙂

  72. Great workout, your Blog is excellent, i have just started on here and am logging my progress with fat loss, if you could take a look and provide some constructive criticism i would really appreciate it, once again such a nice Blog!!!

  73. its a good share..nice to visit to this blog…:) grreetings

  74. This looks GREAT!! I’m definitely going to try some of these moves out today as part of my strength training.

  75. I love this blog! I can’t wait to start doing medicine ball work outs after having my baby! 🙂

  76. I definitely want to try this workout. I like simple, basic workouts. Medicine ball is a great tool I had forgotten about.

  77. Great workout ideas! I am working on filling up my home gym as well. It is so expensive!

  78. Great workout!

  79. This workout looks great, but the tank is even better. Your post showed up onmy homepage and I immediately saw it and laughed. Great work.

  80. Reblogged this on Keshiamfowler's Blog.

  81. My vote for the funnest drill, the toe taps, my vote for the least favorite drill, the Russian twist. So yea, these exercises are great and easy for those to do. I espically like that you are making it a at home deal. Who needs a gym membership. Lets get back to some basic free fitness. Thanks for supporting exercise science and fitness. Have a great day.

  82. Great workout! Thanks for sharing!

  83. Love the pink ball. That’s probably the only way I can get my wife to do this kind of workout. She usually enjoys laughing at me making a fool of myself in the park with such workouts much better than joining me 🙂 I’ve actually been working on a project for prevention education and early detection of breast cancer. It’s called the Passionately Pink Camaro. I’ve got a blog dedicated to the project if you’d like to take a look:

  84. love your blog.. Got me wanting to get a medicine ball and a Pink one at that.. Thanks for sharing!

  85. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. I’ve just discovered the medicine ball and I LOVE it! Now I’m looking forward to trying a few new fancy moves with it… 🙂 Thanks!

  86. I’m so happy to have found your blog space and that you’ve created a post like this. I purchased a medicine ball, (5lb for the clearance of $5, I know a steal!), some time ago and I’ve been searching for ways to incorporate it into my new workout routine. I love the post keep them coming!

  87. Hey, you’re in a great shape!

  88. I am really happy to meet a person like you in this website, but do you know my problem? is that i will like to know you. am really new to thiis website ok…………………..nice pictures

  89. I’ll try this one!
    Nice post

  90. wow
    thank you really helped

  91. Love this medicine ball workout! Thanks for sharing!

  92. Found this workout on Pinterest this morning and did it this afternoon. It.was.awesome. I burned 416 cal. even with a few breaks in the middle I had to take. I’m surprised that I could do most of the moves. Had to go from the 8 lb med ball to nothing a few times (need to watch my knees so I modify all the time). Thanks for a great workout!

  93. Just did this workout and I am SWEATING up a storm! Loved the video clip. I might have to make a t-shirt that honors Poops the cat.

  94. Great post! I also did a workout ( today, but used a medicine ball only for the leg raises. I’m looking forward to using a few of your moves here in my next workout. Thanks for the post and the photos.

  95. Thanks for this workout routine! My boyfriend recently brought home a 10lb Medicine ball and I have been trying to think of a good routine for a workout since! Going to try it tonight!

  96. Love this! I use a medicine ball in CrossFit for several of these but so want to get one for home use. Medballs are expensive though!

  97. Did this interval today! Love it! Great job and thanks so much!

  98. I am SO looking forward to working out after my baby is born (and I’ve had time to recover), and will definitely be trying this workout. And that Harvard sailing video is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  99. sarahpro8506 says:

    Good Advice!! Now i just need a medicine ball

  100. I tried this workout this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! Even after a run to warm up, the first round still felt like a warm up–I got much more into it for the 2nd rounds on. Does that ever happen to you?

  101. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT?!?!?!?! Also, your workout is awesome, BUT THAT SHIRT!!!


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