diy mosaic tile flower pot (because plants need to dress well, too)

Lately, I’ve really wanted a kid or a puppy. This is frightening considering I still think it’s appropriate to do keg stands, I buy new underwear on a monthly basis to avoid doing laundry, and I know more about the Real Housewives of New Jersey than I do about the current presidential campaigns.

Since I’d probably accidently kill a puppy or small child within a few weeks, I’m aiming my sights a little lower with this tiny little plant. Baby steps.

I named him (yes, I assigned the plant a gender) after True Blood’s always-fabulous Lafayette. And it would be doing LaLa a huge disservice if I didn’t dress my Lafayette as fiercely as he dresses on the show.  A boring terra cotta pot just wasn’t going to cut it for any son of mine. *snaps fingers with a neck lean*

I found small tiles in various shades of blue at AC Moore, and knew they’d be perfect for jazzing up Lafayette’s pot. My bedroom is decorated in a blue, tan and white theme (beachy is the only look I know how to pull off when it comes to home décor), so the tiles would look great on Lafayette and in my room. Win win.

I used super glue to attach the tiles to the pot (I tried using hot glue but it wasn’t cutting it), and then decided to add some white to the exposed terra cotta remaining. The only problem? I hadn’t bought white paint or a white paint marker.

Luckily, I had some white matte nail polish that worked perfectly for the small surface area I had to cover.

Once the white paint issue was resolved, I had to figure out where to get some extra soil. Lafayette is petite and there was just no way he was going to fit in that pot, regardless of how small it was. Like trying to put an Olsen twin in a pair of size 4 pants—she’d be swimming in ‘em.

I went on a little adventure around my apartment building until I spotted a flowerbed with some bright and alive-looking flora. Using…a spoon…I “borrowed” some soil and used it to fill out Lafayette’s pot. I also made sure to explain to him that after his freshman year of college, he wouldn’t need the extra soil and would fit into his pot (aka “fat pants”) juuuuust fine.

My little Lafayette (who I love so dearly now) looks small and alone on my gigantic windowsill, so it probably won’t be long until I give him some sisters and brothers. Truth be told, I’m now pretty much obsessed with taking care of plants and will feel a great void until I’ve stuffed my windows full of them. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the unnecessarily awesome outfits/pots that come with each new child of mine.

Image credit for the sassy pics of True Blood’s Lafayette:



  1. 50 plus says:

    LOL. Very clever!

  2. you should grown some tomatoes and basil!! yummm

  3. neat.

  4. hungryspinner says:

    What kind of plant is this?? Cute pot!


  1. […] new season of True Blood premiers this Sunday on HBO and, if you couldn’t infer by the post on my son/plant Lafayette, I’m beyond excited. I love this show. In preparation for an entire summer of watching the […]

  2. […] recently got a basil plant so that my succulent, Lafayette, would have a sibling and, more importantly, I’d have a fresh supply for my culinary adventures. […]

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