sheer lace at sunset

I’m obsessed with this sheer, cutout blouse. But I’m also a little embarrassed by it. Why? Because I bought it at coughcoughpacsuncoughcough. This fall. As a 23-year-old adult-ish woman, I walked into a PacSun and bought something for myself. Not as a sweet 16 gift. Not as an offering to send along with my fan mail to Justin Bieber. FOR MYSELF.

In my defense, I was in a shopping mall in Vermont, and while Vermont is a beautiful state, it is sure as hell not known for its shopping. PacSun was literally the only store I even recognized. And at under $20, I stand behind my purchase. Cute is cute, whether you buy it from Nordstrom or Kids ‘R Us. Or PacSun.

As a side note, yes, I’m aware that the title of this blog post belongs on the cover of a steamy romance novel, superimposed over a picture of Fabio, hair blowing in the wind, tenderly holding a scantily clad, busty woman in his arms. Sorry, Sheer Lace at Sunset, you’re stuck titling an awkward blog post filled with pictures of a girl impractically wearing 6” stilettos on a boat dock.

 Sky-high heels are the new Sperry’s. You heard it here first.

 {blouse: PacSun}
{shorts: Urban Outfitters}
{pumps: Steve Madden}
{bag: Coach via eBay}



  1. Love this look! The lace shorts are beautiful… We are wearing some similar shorts on our latest post too!

  2. Absolutely adore your lace shorts! 🙂

  3. Love the whole outfit!

  4. My wife would like the shirt and shoes..but not so much the shorts..sorry . always on the look out for her though..I will check out your other ideas…thanks


  1. […] is super old lady-ish, but I figure I need some elderly items to balance out the Abercrombie and PacSun lingering in my […]

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