colombia {day 7} quebrada valencia & costeño beach

Armed with homemade hummus (again), we hopped on a bus to Quebrada Valencia (a waterfall). We hiked in and enjoyed a snack by the waterfall, but didn’t stay long because it was PACKED with families enjoying their Semana Santa vacation.

On the hike back out, we stopped for a snack…because we hadn’t just had a snack or anything. I wanted some authentic Colombian food so I got a guineo maduro con queso costeno, which is essentially a grilled banana covered in cheese and served on a leaf. Don’t worry, I took lots of artsy pictures of it before devouring it.

I also stopped to take a picture of this adorable little puppy. I was beyond excited that he stayed still long enough for me capture a photo…until I realized that he was staying still because he was steadily eating a massive turd. Mmmm.

Our next stop was Costeño beach, where I enjoyed an amazing nap in the sand.

Before long it was time to head back to Santa Marta for a delicious dinner at Made In Spain.

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    Guys this is what I mean when I say if I get the immigration thing worked out (hopefully in less than seven years and if I don’t shoot myself by then), I’ll go to my birthplace and get me a hold of some ayahuasca. I’ll always be a lady of the tropics at heart. Mi Colombia es bella!


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