diy chevron nails tutorial

I recently learned what “chevron” meant. Seriously. Like one month ago my dense head figured out that zigzag patterns are called chevron. Not sure how I went through life with a shopping addiction and never put two and two together, but now I’m trying to incorporate this fancy new word into my daily vocabulary as much as possible. Queue the chevron manicure!


  • A primary polish (I used chinchilly by essie)
  • A secondary polish (I used alpine matte by OPI)
  • Nail Art pens (I used a white Sally Hansen one)
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Clear top-coat polish


  1. Paint your nails. Let them completely dry.
  2. Cut a small piece of masking tape (or Scotch tape) in half, in a zigzag line. Stick the two pieces on to your nail in tandem, leaving a small gap between them.
  3. Paint the exposed part of your nail. Let dry (but not completely), and carefully remove the tape, leaving a zigzag line.
  4. Using the nail art pen, draw a thin zigzag below and above the original.
  5. Add a clear top coat. Let completely dry.
  6. Show off your chevron accent nail!

P.S. I’m already regretting admitting to you guys that I didn’t know what “chevron” meant…



  1. […] Fourth of July countdown continues! I’ve posted manicure tutorials before (tribal print & chevron) that use tape as a stencil, but it wasn’t until some heavy Pinterest browsing that it occurred […]

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