dumpy-butt boyfriend jeans

Whenever I see a girl looking cute in boyfriend jeans, I am literally in awe. HOW?! I put on boyfriend jeans and it’s like instant dumpy-butt. As in, it looks like I literally pooped in a diaper underneath my jeans. They’re so unflattering it hurts.

That being said, I have a pair that I do occasionally wear—but never when I’m trying to impress someone. In this instance, I was going out to dinner with my mom. Pfff, she’s my mom, she has to love me no matter how bad my butt looks, right?

In an attempt to distract from my sagging dump butt, I wore sky-high pumps and a bright pink cross-body bag. Then I ran through street construction. Futile distractions, but I tried.

And I’ll leave you with the dumpy butt:

{jeans: Citizens of Humanity via shopbop}
{shoes: Steve Madden}
{vest: Nordstrom}
{blazer: Urban Outfitters}
{bag: JPK Paris via ebay}
{watch: Michele}
{belt: Target}
(nail polish: Revlon’s Peachy}

Does anyone else have this problem? Or have a boyfriend-jean designers/styles to recommend?


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