pink, denim & turquoise


Don’t act like you don’t wear skin-tight mini dresses and 5-inch heels to playgrounds.
Ok, so I picked a weird location to photograph this outfit. As a matter of fact, had children actually been present, I’m pretty sure I could have been arrested. But that’s neither here nor there.
Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to retire my black-black-and-more-black dressing habits and outfit myself in bright colors. Especially with Easter this Sunday. But while I want nothing more than to wear white, neon and floral-print everything, whipping out this spring attire might be a little premature. For one, I am still paler than Edward Cullen. And on top of that, I had to photoshop my hard-as-a-rock nipples out of every picture. It’s warm for this time of year in Boston, but it’s not mini-dress warm.
I’m obsessed with denim lately, and couldn’t decide between the vest and the button-up, so I did a quick outfit change.


{dress: American Apparel}
{shoes: Aldo}
{necklace & ring: Urban Outfitters}
{vest: Diesel via Buffalo Exchange}
{button-up: Urban Outfitters}
(nail polish: Revlon’s Peachy}



  1. can i have the photos that have not been altered ? xxx

    • The only alterations to these are with the lighting levels & color/saturation. I don’t have photoshop software (or the ability to use it haha)

  2. dicky sounds like a hater..I think you look great and your work outs kick my butt!

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