plaid & fur

You know those delusional girls who post “model-y” photos of themselves on Facebook where it’s beyond obvious that they just made their moms snap pictures in front of the wisteria tree in the backyard while they try to “smize” like Tyra and do the whole I’m-trying-to-look-like-I’m-not-trying thing? But the result is always painfully awkward black-and-white skinny-arm poses?

That is 150% what I did with the photography of this outfit.

Hey, I can only pretend to be casually walking down the street so many times, ya know? Cut me some slack. Or just mercilessly make fun of me in the comments section; I deserve it.

This little photo shoot pretty much screams “High school senior yearbook square!” But what-ev-er. The old tractor in my parents’ backyard is badass, and when I was visiting for Presidents’ Day weekend I had to do something to fill my day.

I love plaid and I love fur so I decided to combine the two for this game of dress-up. I added some Carolina blue nail polish for a little “pop of color” in this neutral-heavy outfit. I also added a big heap of cornball as I posed crouched on a rock overlooking my parents’ pond, clearly deep in thought.

{jeans: William Rast via Shopbop}
{belt: Target}
{boots: Aldo}
{tank: Banana Republic}
{plaid shirt: Mossimo Supply Co. via Target}
{fur vest: Dalia Collection via TJ Maxx}
{watch: Michele}
{nail polish: Revlon’s Blue Lagoon}

And I’ll leave you with this gem:

Photos by world-famous fashion photographer Mai Maum

Location: My parents’ backyard, Martha’s Vineyard


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