tribal-print wedges

I am obsessed with loud, unique shoes, so when I saw these tribal-print wedges in Aldo last spring, my wallet didn’t stand a chance. They’re great for spicing up a simple outfit (like I’m wearing in this post) or for pairing with bright, loud colors (which I’ll do once the weather is a little warmer).

For some unfortunate reason, I felt the need to do the “I’m flying, Jack! I’m flying!” Titanic pose in 90% of the pictures I took—example #1,458 that I am horrible at pretending to be a model.

I paired the shoes with a simple white swing tank with a black lace bandeau underneath—a move that I wholeheartedly regret. Strapless bras/bandeaus have to be the most annoying thing women endure after periods and that whole giving birth thing. They don’t stay up, they make your boobs look like they’ve aged 30 years, and you end up adjusting them every five seconds. I hate them. But I love strapless and skimpy tops. It’s a vicious cycle.

{shoes: Aldo}
{jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters}
{belt: Urban Outfitters}
{tank: emma & sam via LF}
{shrug thing: Guess}
{bracelet: Urban Outfitters}
(nail polish: Revlon’s Peachy}

Location: Boston waterfront, North End



  1. Moma gaga says:

    Your feet are ugly – you are well on your way to developing bunions which will happen before you’re 30 if you keep wearing those types of ridiculous shoes that you’re obsessed with. You are clearly a shallow, self- absorbed girl who obviously didn’t have the benefit of a mother teaching you that there are much more important things in life than being the next Kim Kardashian. Why don’t you try devoting your time to more important and meaningful things than this drivel that nobody really cares about?

    • Hello! You’re right about one thing–I have extremely awkward feet! My pinkie toes defy human anatomy. My sense of humor is self-depricating (and at times sarcastically narcissistic to achieve that) so I understand how you might mistakenly interpret that as self-absorbancy. And I actually have an amazingly spiritual and wise mother who taught me many important things, including how to treat people with kindness, regardless of the hate and spite they harbor in their own hearts. Also, my love for fitness & fashion definitely skipped a generation so she’s off the hook here! 🙂

      THank you so much for reading my blog!

  2. Touche’ Nicole, well said!

  3. Moma gaga says:

    Well, I may be off, but your whole vibe is “shallow, mean girl” , not sarcastically narcissistic or self-deprecating. I’m sure if you examined your own heart, you would face several examples of spite, hatred, and mean-spirited actions. I sincerely doubt you treat everyone with kindness – look back through your posts. However, done wasting my time on this site. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of vacuous, like- minded drains on society to have a nice little following.

    • ALright, well I do appreciate the feedback and I did go back through all my posts because I certainly don’t want to come across as all the things you’ve accused me of being. However, I couldn’t find any instances of meanness and shallowness–aside from your judgmental comments about my character and petty insults about my physical appearance, of course. I did say that I hate strapless bras in one post, so I’m sorry if my bra bullying offended you, but it seems like the only mean girl here is you.

      Again, thanks for the repeat traffic to my blog!

  4. Moma gaga says:

    Clearly glossed over your work-out post, I guess. I’m sure all of the people you went to high school with felt the kindness that your mother supposedly taught you as you were looking down your nose at them, and I don’t doubt that’s just one small example. I’m sure it helps you sleep at night to label me the mean girl instead of really doing some serious self-examination – if you were capable or willing to do so, I doubt you’d be able to so quickly and confidently deny the charge.

    • Touché, Moma Gaga, touché! I did in fact miss that snippet. It was a joke, I didn’t know any of the imprisoned people, but I agree, it wasn’t necessarily funny and it did come across as bitchy. Maybe I’ll remove it as to keep my blog the positive place that my ugly feet and i want it to be 🙂

  5. Buster1226 says:

    Nicole, I just found your site and so far am a fan!! I am a mom of two and need motivation to work out and inspiration in the clothing department so I don’t live in my Mom uniform of sweats!! LOL Thanks for all the ideas!! Just wanted to give up some love for you doing this blog and though not everyone will appreciate, there are those that don’t dwell on how terrible high school was for them (actually most people I know (including me) thought high school was terrible) and can’t let it go. On that note, thanks for all the ideas!!!

    • Thanks for the support! Occasional negative comments are just part of the territory when you put yourself out there on a blog, but I’ve been so happy to receive positive comments from awesome people like you 99.9% of the time 🙂

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